T&D Consulting Group

T&D Consulting Group

T&D Consulting Group is a team of independent consultants and advisers, each with decades of experience from the T&D industry internationally. Our professional backgrounds are with the main players, ABB and Alstom/GE. We also draw on experience from many other actors within the industry. We represent the full span of competences; business management as well as commercial, project management, technology and production.
Although we act as independent consultants, we can provide the full pool of knowledge and experience from the team as well as our huge global network of world class competence. This makes it possible for us to tailor our offer to your specific needs. You will get access to the best competence available within our industry.



Lars has a long career within ABB and Alstom/GE, covering most operational and managerial activities within a Power Products business, with an emphasis on Power Transformers. He also has experience as CEO of an Engineering and Construction company, focusing on the Pharma and Biotech industry.


Olof has been in the power transmission industry for more than 25 years keeping most senior managerial positions. During the last decade he has been heading the ABB global HVDC expansion, captured and executed several mega contracts. In addition he is also into senior management support for promising SME developments.


Staffan has more than 20 years of experience from the power transmission industry. Specific experience from large High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) multi-national projects. He has experience from several senior management positions including marketing and sales, business development, operations and general management.


Alf-Åke has more than 30 years of experience from the T&D business, whereof 25 years at ABB in several countries and areas, including power- and distribution transformers, capacitors and systems business. He has also worked for a venture capital company and has advised private equity companies, especially in connection with acquisitions in the T&D area, as well as working with power lines. Alf-Åke is also a board member in some companies in the field.



Are you looking at growing your business, addressing new markets or introducing new products? We support you, using our global network and our industry knowledge.


We provide expertise, support and advice in your daily decision making as well as for the strategic development of your business.


We help you throughout the whole process; strategic planning, target selection, business intelligence, due diligence, negotiations and integration.


Whether you are looking at efficiency improvements, manufacturing streamlining or implementation of new technologies, we provide valuable support.


Are you looking for adding competence to your project procurement process? We add value by sharing our knowledge about the complex procurement process for large projects from all over the world. We have experience from both the seller and buyer perspective.


Project execution of large projects is challenging. What makes the difference is how you handle such challenges. We provide support and advise for the whole project execution process.


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Joined forces

Joined forces

We are happy to announce the launching of the T&D Consulting Group. We are a group of independent consultants, joining...